The Underground Lounge | Music by Blake Snow (1998-2005)

ABOUT: The Underground Lounge is a musical platter of 30 tracks written,
produced, sung, guitar'd, drummed, bassed, and mixed by Blake Snow primarily
before he started blogging. A majority of songs were recorded during 1998-
2005. Blake currently works as a freelance writer and web consultant.
A few of his most recent recordings can be found here.

Note: the below tracks can get pretty eclectic and this is in no way and album.
Far from it in fact. Hopefully you can find one or two that your ears enjoy.
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Stay (U2 Cover) Pop This is probably the best recording I've ever done. I played guitar and sang with Dylan Denney singing backup vocals and engineering. We recorded the vocals using two stereo mics.
Last Time Pop Upbeat pop song co-written by Dylan Denney. I played drums, lead guitar, and sang. Dylan Denney played guitar and engineered.
The Deepest Sleep Ever Downtempo I produced this two years ago after discovering Royksopp, which I sample in this track. Mixed in Acid.
Abstract Consensus Dance This is probably the best dance track I've ever produced. It was written in the summer of 2002 using nearly 75 samples. I was surprised how well everything meshed together, hence the name. As a bonus, it features a sample of Better Off Dead in the beginning.
Don't Be Light (Blake Snow's Lite Remix) Electronic An Air remix I produced from the group's awesome 10,000 Hertz Legend album. There's a nice little breakdown around 2:00.
Best Foot Forward Pop Another pop song written by Dylan Denny and sung by yours truly in 2001.
Ode to 8-bit Electronic I produced this one out of a love for classic video games. Mixed in Acid.
System Sound (edit) Hip Hop Ever wanted to hear Blake rap, albeit not very good? Well now's your chance. I wrote and produced System Sound in the summer of 2001. Josh Rhine and Dustin Williams follow me in that order. After recording, I spent a total of 16 hours mixing down the track, the most I've ever worked on post-production audio.
Exit Music (Live) Electronic This was written in real-time by me on a $10,000 Korg keyboard. There are a few spots in which I mess up, but I really like the production.
Insomnia (No-doze Remix) Dance The second remix I ever did featuring an audio sample from one of my favorite movies; Mission: Impossible. I've liked trance music since my high-school years, and this pays homage to the genre.
'89 No Player Hip Hop An old skool hip hop tracked I produced in 1998. Casey Willis raps on top of a Gershwin (one of my favs).
Different Pop A soft song I wrote while living in Brazil. It's about encouraging people to change for the better. I played guitar and sang. Dylan Denney played percussion and recorded those awesome sounding Georgia locusts you hear in the background.
Dynamite Thump Remix Funk Napoleon Dynamite, meet funk. Funk, meet Napoleon Dynamite. Remixed shortly after the movie was released in 2005.
Fall Time (Demo) Folk A nice little folk song written by Dylan Denny. My raspy vocals can be heard over his sulky guitar.
I'm Not Sure Electronic A funky little track I produced in 1998. I sampled Medeski, Martin, and Wood on this little ditty.
Lax chill out beat version 1 Downtempo The name says it all.
Lax chill out beat version 2 Downtempo The name says it all (part 2).
The Last of the Mohicans Remix Electronic This was the first remix I ever did produced in 1998. It combines two tracks from the soundtrack with a single beat and a crash symbol here and there. I was always disappointed that the soundtrack never merged the two pieces, so I took it upon myself to do so.
Tchaikovsky Bump Hip Hop A mashup of two of my favorite things: Tchaikovsky and break beats. This sond also includes a sample from one of my favorite PC games; Burn Cycle. Produced in 1998.
Thirty Below Electronic Probably one of the darkets pieces of music I've written. It wasn't intended to be that way, but it contrasts nicely with the very smooth Nat King Cole sample I used at 3:11 in.
Travelin' Man (DJ Neve Remix) Hip Hop A remix of Mos Defs Travelin' Man. This was the first remix I did using an A Capella vocal track.
Two Sides Downtempo A nice relaxed track I produced in 2003. It features a sample from the original Nintendo DS website (no longer live).
Freshtastic Hip Hop Okay, these are some cheezy beats produced by me, but for some reason, I like how tight it all sounds.
The Most Celebrated Groove Hip Hop Another hip hop track produced by me, rapped by Casey Willis, and mixed by Dylan Denny. I do the scratching at the begining and during the chorus.
So Hard (Live) Rock Warning: This song is really hard. I wrote and sang it while playing in a band called The Swing alongside Tim Ormond (bass), Clint Furse (guitar), and Micah Aldredge (drums) in early 2003. Those three dudes live for hard rock. It should be noted that Furse wrote the riff with Ormond composing the chorus melody.
Swallow For Now Hip Hop One last hip hop song I produced using a single bass note. I just used a pitch shifter to compile the entire bass line. Casey Willis raps about the sad state of the music industry.
Body Movin' Remix Hip Hop Listen as I remix the Beasite Boys circa 2001.
Hip Hop Takeover Hip Hop A 20 minute hip hop mix I produced using some PC DJ software in 2003. Sounds really basic in the begining but gets progressively better further in (1:25).
On the Run (Live Jungle Remix) Jungle This is what you get when Blake decides to see what it sounds like to mix Pink Floyed with jungle. Recorded live on my two turntables.
State Street (Demo) Rock I play bass with Robert Bradford on drums. Good times.
The Promise (Acoustic Cover) '80s Recorded summer of 2010 in Garage Band 9. Really happy with the vocals.
1901 (Acoustic Cover) Rock Recorded summer of 2010 in Garage Band 9. Fun song.
House Mix Vol. 1 HOUSE Recorded summer of 2009 with Abelton Live.
Dubstep Mix EDM Recorded summer of 2012 with Abelton Live.


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